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  • This “barter” economy as a primary means of exchange never existed. It’s a myth and a lie created by capitalists (actually by one Adam Smith) trying to rationalize the adoption of coinage and currency in ancient civilization.

    In fact barter economies tend to arise predominantly in capitalism during periods of economic instability. Ie: after natural disasters, in war torn countries, etc.

    The proper term you are looking for is “gift economy” and it is how the world worked before capitalism. I want something from you so you gift it to me with the implicit understanding that if in the future the roles are reversed I give something to you of relatively equal perceived value.

    It was actually pretty rare that gifts were paid back in full in one transaction and often larger gifts were paid back through a series of transactions.

  • Could you maybe go over the process for how you got Italian citizenship? Trying to go through the process now with my fiancée and it’s… a lot (neither of us speaks Italian either).

    Specifically, how did you go about requesting documents from Italy? How did you know which civil registry to request from? What if I can’t find the civil registry for the state her descendant is from?

  • The drag story hour thing (and pretty much all other culture wars) are designed to keep people outraged at the people trying to fix the country so that the few at the top can continue to other the one’s trying to fix the problems. Cause enough outrage to your political rivals trying to end your honey pot. Keeps the ones who fall for it from seeing past the curtain and the ones you target from being trusted/gaining momentum.

    It’s funny… I could’ve sworn I remember a guy from Austria doing something really similar sometime around 1937…

  • “The idea of being transgender” it’s not an idea anymore than you think about being cisgender. It’s a false dichotomy created by cisgender people who fail to understand the issue or fall victim to the “gay agenda” rhetoric of right wing media.

    A better way to phrase it is no trans person thinks of themselves as trans. A trans woman thinks of herself as a woman. A trans man thinks of himself as a man. So there’s no “idea” of “being transgender” unless you’re a cis person who thinks they know what they’re talking about.

    It’s like the phrase “differently abled” only able bodied people think like that.